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About: Acaira technologies # 1 Software company,we provide a complete IT solution start from Web development,standard software & solutions, to every business and companies in Mumbai.As an IT consultant we strive to work in partnership with our client and create growth strategy through SEO,SMO,SMM,PPC to meet their business objectives.

Email: info (at) acaira (dot) com

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Using HTTPS: Yes 🙂

HTML errors found on homepage

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Popular words

Word Frequency
software 21
development 17
system 13
business 13
technologies 11
management 11
acaira 9
optimization 8
solutions 7
provide 7
services 6
consultancy 6
web 6
clients 6
best 6
read 6
engine 5
industries 5
team 5
us 5

Opportunities for improvement

Enable text compression: Text-based resources should be served with compression (gzip, deflate or brotli) to minimize total network bytes.
Potential savings of 1,692 KiB

Minify CSS: Minifying CSS files can reduce network payload sizes.
Potential savings of 5 KiB

Avoid multiple page redirects: Redirects introduce additional delays before the page can be loaded.
Potential savings of 230 ms

Properly size images: Serve images that are appropriately-sized to save cellular data and improve load time.
Potential savings of 611 KiB

Avoid serving legacy JavaScript to modern browsers: Polyfills and transforms enable legacy browsers to use new JavaScript features. However, many aren’t necessary for modern browsers. For your bundled JavaScript, adopt a modern script deployment strategy using module/nomodule feature detection to reduce the amount of code shipped to modern browsers, while retaining support for legacy browsers. [Learn More](
Potential savings of 55 KiB

Serve images in next-gen formats: Image formats like JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP often provide better compression than PNG or JPEG, which means faster downloads and less data consumption.
Potential savings of 7,577 KiB

Minify JavaScript: Minifying JavaScript files can reduce payload sizes and script parse time.
Potential savings of 32 KiB

Eliminate render-blocking resources: Resources are blocking the first paint of your page. Consider delivering critical JS/CSS inline and deferring all non-critical JS/styles.
Potential savings of 2,220 ms

Defer offscreen images: Consider lazy-loading offscreen and hidden images after all critical resources have finished loading to lower time to interactive.
Potential savings of 65 KiB

Remove unused JavaScript: Remove unused JavaScript to reduce bytes consumed by network activity.
Potential savings of 813 KiB

Remove unused CSS: Remove dead rules from stylesheets and defer the loading of CSS not used for above-the-fold content to reduce unnecessary bytes consumed by network activity.
Potential savings of 947 KiB

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