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Basic information for b-bar.co.uk

About: The B-Bar, Thai noodle bar and restaurant with frequent comedy and live music, spoken word and theatre performances.

Email or contact page: [email protected]

Social media profiles:

    Using HTTPS: Yes 🙂

    Whois information

    HTML errors found on homepage

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    Popular words

    Word Frequency
    comedy 4
    home 3
    queens 2
    arms 2
    new 2
    night 2
    wed 2
    safe 2
    food 2
    also 2
    call 2
    read 2
    open 2
    would 2
    order 2
    delivery 2
    skip 1
    main 1
    content 1
    newsletter 1

    Opportunities for improvement

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    Potential savings of 17 KiB

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